Professional Fees

TAX PREPARATION WORK – Joanne personally prepares each tax return. Charges are based upon the complexity of your tax return. Joanne uses a variety of technology tools to make her as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and she provides year-round, high quality and responsive professional service at a fair and reasonable price.

Unlike many tax professionals, your tax preparation fee includes a number of value added services without any additional charge:

  • Responding to questions via email, fax or telephone throughout the year on any question regarding a return she prepared;
  • Responding to questions regarding upcoming tax issues that may affect current or future year returns;
  • Routine tax planning and advice regarding the tax consequences of personal financial decisions (e.g. divorce, sale of property, stocks or other assets, etc.).

AUDIT REPRESENTATION WORK – Charges are based on an hourly rate, plus expenses, subject to a minimum fee. Contact Joanne for a specific quote based upon the facts related to your specific situation.

AUDIT PROTECTION SERVICE is based on a sliding scale percentage of your tax preparation fee starting as low as $40.