Audit Representation

Receiving an Examination/Audit Letter from the IRS or State Taxing Authorities (STA’s) is never good news, usually unpleasant, and it requires a lot of work to resolve (since the IRS never goes away on its own!). Once you’ve contacted Joanne to represent you in an audit, she’ll take care of everything:

  • Respond to all written demands from the IRS/STA’s;
  • Respond to all IRS/STA’s phone calls;
  • Meet with IRS/STA’s to discuss your return;
  • Handle all negotiations for refunds or payments;
  • Prepare any required amended returns.

Audit Representation services are charged on a time and materials basis. Billings for professional fees are based on a rate of $250/hour with a four hour minimum. Actual direct expenses are billed at cost.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact Joanne.