How to Avoid Identity Theft – Businesses

  1. Develop, discuss and immediately implement a written firm confidentiality policy.
  2. Immediately implement a policy of cleaning off desks and putting information away in a secure area every night, and enforce the policy.
  3. Require that prior to an appointment, all confidential information be secured out of sight of anyone.
  4. Install heavy duty shredders at several locations in the office.
  5. Never, ever e-mail any confidential tax information without password protection.
  6. Encrypt your hard drive.
  7. Utilize a strong password protection system.
  8. Computers should be re-booted at lunch and never, ever be left on at night or around cleaning crews or outsiders.
  9. Passwords must be required to login to idle computers.
  10. Physical security of customer data should be required behind locked doors, cabinets and file rooms at night.
  11. A firm-wide internet and computer usage policy must be in place and enforced.

Information courtesy of TaxSpeaker/Jennings Advisory Group.